PECL Binaries on Windows

PHP; PECL and Windows: I won’t consider PHP on the windows desktop that much, but for the one or other testbed I give it a go. It just works ok you can say so, but the biggest downside with windows is, that it won’t ship with a compiler by default. So with all the nice PECL extensions you’re pretty much on your own.

Its getting better. There is the official PHP website for windows you can visit next to the PHP frontpage. But compiled PECL modules are missing. So where to look for those?

Option 1: First of all, some popular extensions like xdebug have their own homepage. Often you find the best information there how to retrieve packages.

Option 2: Secondly the windows PHP page offers a link to a directory listing of relatively fresh complied PECL binaries for windows. You should look there if your wanted extension is in that list.

Option 3.: And if it’s not in there? Well if you’re using PHP 5 with version 5.2.6 or later then an older PECL zip package might still do the job for you. It is available on the PHP museums site: . A list of containing files and download of single DLLs is available on a third party website.

Btw, is down. I was looking for runkit which might solve some issues I encountered to give the test suite a go.

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4 Responses to PECL Binaries on Windows

  1. That single-DLL download “third party website” saved my life, thanks!

  2. Tomolimo says:

    You may find PECL binaries on:
    But no RunKit on this repo 😦

  3. Tomolimo says:

    RunKit can be found there:

  4. says:

    Amazing postings Appreciate it.

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