Testdriving the Health-Check Plugin

Living on the Edge: After the Dev-Meetup last week, the announcements, all the fuzz about core plugins and the discussions in the forum it was a must for me to give the alpha of the new Health-Check Plugin a testdrive.

Westi did ask me to provide some contributions last week but currently there are too many ends open in development so all I could do so far was to provide some feedback. And now a run on the alpha. Here we go:

Getting the thing to run is quite easy if you have a dev environment running. Just add another svn:external to your plugins and svn-up afterwards:

health-check http://svn.wp-plugins.org/health-check/branches/alpha/

Then browse the backend as admin and select the new menu-entry. All left is a press on the button to run the tests. The Plugin already ships with quite a nice amount of tests. And so I did press the button: All tests did run fine and revealed a lot of usefull information I want to do some picks:

Safe Mode: I had activated that for a test with a ticket (#11499). Great to get a reminder!

Then I stumbled over register_long_arrays, gosh, out with it! It’s a testserver only, but hey, once set up you tend to not care about things any longer.

And then learned something new about collations. A how to fix was given directly with the recommendation and worked like a charm. Infact it pointed me to a much more important problem I had on that setup. Testing rocks.

So my first bottom line is: heads up! Every plugin dev sparing a test-system should give this a testdrive. I needed to debug a selected test with more detail and was able to seperate it from the others by specifying a constant:

define('HEALTH_CHECK_DEBUG', 'HealthCheck_MySQL_Charset');

Good luck for the health-check plugin team, I provided my feedback to Denis De Bernardy which I could catch in #wordpress-dev over in freenode. Westi and some other devs are on that team as well, just ask around. UPDATE: Better fitting and new chatroom: #wordpress-core-plugins

Link: Health-Check Plugin

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4 Responses to Testdriving the Health-Check Plugin

  1. Thanks for testing! 😉

  2. Its great to get feedback on the tests we have so far.

    Hopefully we will be able to have a downloadable public alpha soon once we have improved the UI and finished writing al the initial tests.

  3. hakre says:

    Yeah UI was not very shiny but it actually did the job for the testdrive. One additional thing: My test-host was not very responsive and the 10 seconds timeout setting did not work well on the check-http-requests. Unfortunately that is hardcoded. And to tell you the truth, I do not want to have another constant in there so I lifted that to 20 secs and all was fine.

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