Open Ticket Timeline

To give you an image: I collected some statistical data and built a nice picture of it. It contains the number of open tickets in the WordPress Bugtracker:

There is plenty of room for interpretation, for example how new UserInterfaces (UI) introduce a bunch of tickets. So I did the graphic, you do the interpretation. Comments are open!

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12 Responses to Open Ticket Timeline

  1. /me whistles for having opened around 50 MU-related tickets in recent days…

  2. hakre says:

    Well but if I remember correctly then you had something to do with the pre-2.8 drop as well.

  3. Yeah… I even got special props for cleaning up trac:

    I think that it contributed to part of 2.8 drop, to. You and I closed what… maybe 100 tickets as dup/invalid/close around at the time?

  4. hakre says:

    Yesterday it came to my attention that the index on the left side might be relative only. When I take a look now into trac there are about 1300 tickets open, my index would show about 750. I did my best to gather valid information about the open / closed tickets and calculated those on a weekly basis. The current request is made on an overall basis. I will try to find out, what the difference creates.

    So to get the real picture the number on the left might need to be multiplied by 1.73. The graph itself is based on constant measurements so it can be read as an index of the rate of open tickets at least and to see the dynamics of opened vs. closed.

    • hakre says:

      I was able to find an error in my statistical script. The numbers are now more accurate which means there are far more open bugs than the first version showed. About 250 more tickets are missing but the graph should be more accurate in overall.

  5. miqrogroove says:

    What happened to the other 250? 😛

    • hakre says:

      I finally found the problem and could fix it. I’m getting the correct amount of open tickets now. I updated the graph again.

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