Wiki for Documentation

I must admit that I really like the Idea behind wikis and I think those are great for documentation. In WordPress we currently have the Codex which is a Mediawiki. It’s not that well configured for day to day use which makes editing a bit akward. Additionally it looks like that some kind of structure / how to structure the data is missing.

Those are more or less general problems that will lead to deficiencies in the use of any software. But since it was discussed to maybe change codex away from Mediawiki (because of the giving arguments which are correctly spoken misleading) I was (nevertheless) looking for alternative programs. On that search I learned about two open source projects. Both are used by Mozilla. One for their Developer Center, the other one for the Support Section:

I had a discussion online yesterday or so and it was said that the new jQuery  Documentation page is actually using WordPress for their API documentation. The problem with that is, that the arguments given there could not only be solved for MediaWiki as well (instead of changing the whole software), some little caching could have done much better anyways and was overdue in that project for month. If you have compared the old and new API documentation  (now it’s offline, I asked that it will come online again until then checkout an older copy on which does not show the whole picture), you would have experienced that the old one was much better to use. So a big fail here for the overall Switch – even if it was a switch to WordPress.

And I must warn: Switching to WP  is in no case a comparable option for the Codex content we have. Just for those who would just like to use out “cauz being a wordpress fanboy”. That would be a shame for the project.

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