Enhancing Feeds: Limiting the Comments Feed

In a recent ticket (#7092), redsweater was asking for a missing feature: A separate setting for limiting the numbers of comments in the comments feed. He drives multiple sites that have such a high user traffic which results in soo many comments that it was his wish to have more control over the number of comments listed in the comments feeds. By default it’s limited to the value set for the standard feed, but that was not a pleasing option for him any longer.

Separate Setting for Limiting Comments Feed

There is actually a patch and a plugin offered in trac. So it’s quite new (3 weeks ago) and quite untested but if you’re missing that feature as well you can give the patch or plugin a try. Whichever is the best option for your site. The patch might become part of the core code some day. Let’s see.

For those missing that option, this is a path to follow. Patch was provided by Nacin, I wrote the Plugin. Redsweater himself was not very happy about the plugin provided because he really wants to see this setting as part of the main product and not inside the plugin. If that is your wish too, please support him and the ticket. I think it’s a usefull setting for active sites.

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