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Docblock comments and more in code guidelines / standards

In the recent WordPress Coding Standard discussion it was clear that mutliple scenarios are not handeled. While doing more and more WP developmet these days, the list of stuff grows so it’s good to collect and to write them down. … Continue reading

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HTML Entity Boundaries – Zero Padding

I can not say why, but the HTML specification does allow to zero-pad numerical entities [Reference needed]. Well that sounds fair per-se, but it does not give a limit here. So strictly spoken, you can pad your numeric entities with … Continue reading

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Free PHP Security Poster

Ther germany located security company SektionEins, which is specialized on Webapplication and PHP security, has a freebie to offer: You can download or order a PHP Security poster. They even send it in format A0 for free to you within … Continue reading

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WordPress coders have no Class

Some days ago last month, Andrew Rickman blogged about the lack of Object Oriented Design in WordPress. He makes some very thoughtful statements even the article first starts with a lot of assumptions that made it easy for me to … Continue reading

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PHP Open Basedir degrades Security (Bonus)

Some hosters are using the open_basedir restrictions because they think this makes hosting somewhat more secure. Well normally it is not because a hoster in need to enable it often shows that the system is not properly configured in respect … Continue reading

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CSS Selector Code Smell

3-2-1: Grab your QC environment and get ready for CSS today because it just does not makes sense to write a CSS Selector like these: Example 1: A bogus selector. Example 2: Can make sense The first example is pretty … Continue reading

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References to the Max

It’s somehow hard to understand. PHP Variables and how they do References to the according data. This Blog post is a collection of articles related to the topic and a short review of those I found valuable. Maybe there are … Continue reading

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The short memory of security

For the wordpress project it’s said: If you find a bug, report it. That’s the same if it is security related. For those who feel – for whatever reason – uncomfortable to publicize it in trac directly, can shoot an … Continue reading

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Dion Hulse (dd32)

Name: Dion Hulse Profile: Dion Hulse on Nick: dd32 IRC: dd32 Trac: dd32 Aka: -/- Commit Access: ca. 2010-01-12 Birthday: 25 Sep 1987 Topics: Filesystem; Transports; Plugins References Homepage: blog:// Photo: Source DD32, whatcha gonna do? – WordPress Development … Continue reading

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My site’s been hacked – now what?

Just a quickie to link to Google Webmaster Central: My site’s been hacked – now what? which provides some googly tips on how to handle such a situation.

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Twiggy Miggy Ziggy Biggy

Some days ago I posted about Twig, an open PHP template language. I have not added much detail nor discussion about Twig in that short post. In “In Response to Fabien Potencier: Twig & PHP Templating“, Eli White another PHP … Continue reading

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