WordPress coders have no Class

Some days ago last month, Andrew Rickman blogged about the lack of Object Oriented Design in WordPress. He makes some very thoughtful statements even the article first starts with a lot of assumptions that made it easy for me to misread it.

I share some of his experiences with archtitectural design of wordpress and OOP:

  • Lack of Design and Architecture.
  • Developed by achieving specific things and extended on the way.
  • WP has a functional approach with variables in the global namespace. That is contradictory to the Blackbox character of Objects.
  • Object-oriented code is not necessarily better, it is different.

Additional thoughts can be found in the comments, I think the article and discussion is worth to read for a calmer approach on to the issue(s).

Part of the article is about the topic wether it’s easier for new developers or not. It is assumed that new coders are understanding functional programming better then object oriented (which I do not know if that is really a rule/ the case). I think that question is totally regardless because you can do both in your plugins / themes. So this just is not an issue. The core won’t change to pure OO written code overnight, right?

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