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Spread the News: Setting up Habari

It’s always good to see beyond one’s own nose. So why not give Habari a little (svn) check(out)? Created to keep up with up-to-date features – both development as web related – it is growing since the very beginning of … Continue reading

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Symfony Reloaded

Fabulous Fabien! It’s just inspiring to see what’s scheduled for late 2010. Keep the fingers on the keyboard and grab a sandbox.

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PHP Code Sniffer, Eclipse and WordPress

Or: Steady progress on WordPress and it’s coding standards and getting things working together Have I said previously that I personally really hate the WordPress coding standard? All these spaces in there. For some coders apparently it makes it easier … Continue reading

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Chive – Webinterface for your MySql Database

Chive wants to offer a more modern webinterface to your MySQL database. It’s doing so by those features: Syntax highlighted SQL Editor Re-Use of Queries by Bookmarks Search while you type Inline Editing for Rows and Tables Supports Views, Routines … Continue reading

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Enhancing Feeds: PuSH it to the max

It’s time for enhancing feeds again. This time you can give your feeds the little extra push they deserve. wordpress just integrated with PubSubHubhub (smoking too much weed over there in the dev department? you might ask yourself, but read … Continue reading

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Prevent Code Injection in PHP include files

While discussing Coding Standards it was not long ago I argued against adding ?> at the end of php files. But miqrogroove pointed to me an interesting aspect why it actually can make sense to have it and an additional … Continue reading

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Lithium PHP Framework

Not actually news but I have not posted about this: The Lithium PHP Framework self-announces itself as a lightweight, fast, flexible framework for PHP 5.3+. An Email explains it as being the Cake(3) successor (which is not an offical statement … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.0 now Feature-Freeze

Freezy Breezy not only over Europe but as well within the project. Today WordPress 3.0 12:00 UTC/GMT went feature freeze (Announcement). Please see the updated Reports as well:  WordPress 3.0 Released to be shipped early next Week (June 12) and … Continue reading

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