Enhancing Feeds: PuSH it to the max

It’s time for enhancing feeds again. This time you can give your feeds the little extra push they deserve. wordpress just integrated with PubSubHubhub (smoking too much weed over there in the dev department? you might ask yourself, but read on) which is nothing else than that feed-readers can now subscribe to your site and they get notified the moment you press the publish button instead that they fetch your feed over and over again to look if something has changed. RSS in a stream. Check out the video (Brad Fitzpatrick developed it, geez! ):

I’ve seen it in a google tech video and things can become amazingly fast, sort of (instant) messaging between websites. For your wordpress based website you can now download the pushpress plugin which will easily enable the functionality.

The wordpress pushpress plugin ships with the server (the Hub) as well, so it’s the client and server in a box. So cool. If you host your blog on wordpress.com, you already have it now.

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