Spread the News: Setting up Habari

It’s always good to see beyond one’s own nose. So why not give Habari a little (svn) check(out)? Created to keep up with up-to-date features – both development as web related – it is growing since the very beginning of 2007. Just to show you the picture, they were first in the now (again) more and more accepted usage of HTML instead of XML for your websites. Just to note it. So here we go:

  • SVN Repos is: http://svn.habariproject.org/habari
  • The Projects webroot is /htdocs, point your webserver to it.
  • You will need Javascript to use habari. Both the install script as well as the backend.
  • The installer will tell you if something is missing in your PHP configuration.
  • Habari needs a database, for example a MySQL create database habari;
  • Just run the installer by request the Blogs webroot.
  • Ensure, that your URL does not end with a / for the blog to work. Habari removes it.

My impressions so far are half and half. There are things I start to like as well as you can see that it’s not that roughly tested all over. Let’s see. With this first instructions you’re getting a habari test setup running under 5 minutes if you’ve got your testbed up and running.

One big plus compared to WordPress is the code. I won’t say it does not has issues but they were in for PHP 5 in the first place and that really makes sense, you’ll see it if you take a peek inside. And read the supported features.


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