International PHPUnconference 2010 announced

In a recent interview done by the german PHP Hates Me Blog author Nils Langner, Judith Andresen and Markus Wolff from the (at least in germany) well known PHP Usergroup Hamburg have announced the first PHP Unconference aiming for an international audience in Majorca in Q4 2010.

Those two together with other usergroup members in Hamburg are successfully organizing a PHP related Ad-Hoc-Conferences since 2007. The so called PHP Unconference Hamburg has become one of the yearly must-go-events in the PHP-Scene in Germany (just all 200 tickets sold out after some days for this year’s conference).

The announced Majorca (Spanish: Mallorca) conference has the same blueprint. Organized as Unconference based on the Open Space methodology, will be hold on a Saturday and Sunday with a warm-up party on Friday. Planned size is of 200 people. The exact location as well as the exact date is yet to be announced.

If you kown of a location for 200 people that is willing to host a low-budget event or any other form of support or feedback, feel free to contact the PHP Unconference Organizers. Updates can be followed on the Blog’s and Twitter’s RSS Feed. On the event’s blog as well, naturally.

via: PHP Magazin

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