*** LINKS ***

GIT: Homepage
GIT Introduction Video: Linus Torvalds on git
GIT Online Book: Pro GIT

CSS: CSS Tips and Tricks

HTTP Cache / Accelerator Varnish Cache
HTTP XSS Control: HTTP access control
HTTP ENCODING: Understanding Character Encoding In Java Webapps With IE.

PHP Test: Zend Certification PHP 5 Sample Questions
PHP Test: The Zend PHP Certification Practice Test (slightly outdated, has PHP 4 tendencies)
PHP Test: True or false in php: Quick-little online test
PHP Test: PHP Quiz (Beginner)
PHP Test: Teste dein PHP Wissen (German)
PHP: Is there a static code analyzer [like Lint] for PHP files?

wordpress Review:WordPress Jetpack: Friend of Foe?
wordpress Plugin: WP Developer Assistant
wordpress Plugin: Log Deprecated Calls
wordpress Helper: WordPress Helper (Firefox Add-On)
wordpress Tool: WordPress Functions Implementation History Tool

WordPress (czech): WordPress Links Links Links all over the place. (even if you speak no czech, this is useful)

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