PHP Mess Detector

Another tool for maintaining and control PHP sourcecode is PHPMD – PHP Mess Detector. A spin-off project of PHP Depend:

What PHPMD does is: It takes a given PHP source code base and look for several potential problems within that source. These problems can be things like:

  • Possible bugs
  • Suboptimal code
  • Overcomplicated expressions
  • Unused parameters, methods, properties

PHPMD is currently in an early development stage and so it only provides a limited set of pre defined rules that detect bad smells within the analyzed source code.

I know I’m lazy and copied a lot of text over from the homepage but it’s already early and I think this is worth to share.

via: Howto create custom rule sets for PHPMD

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3 Responses to PHP Mess Detector

  1. Paul Romano says:

    is there a plugin for eclipse ?

    • hakre says:

      None of that I’m specifically aware of. It might be, that this is to be integrated by PHPsrc, but that’s just a guess. PHPsrc now has copy and paste detector.

      But you could integrate it as a Eclipse Tool so to start via the menu as with any other script / binary.

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