Themes gone.

It just came to my attention that WordPress 3.0 (see also WordPress 3.0 now Feature-Freeze) not only ships with a new theme but also will lack of the Classic and previously Kubrick based Default theme. They both have been burried into the theme repository:

This looks a bit chaotic, I assume this is because it was a quite ad-hoc decision and work in progress.

Smells like that WP 3.0 will really break with traditions and with current configurations using now the default but then outdated (and possibly incompatible) themes then. Those themes might still be left on users servers but are untested in trunk since some days already. If it was wise to do such decisions actually in the beta period where stuff could have at least been tested for the oh-so-often quoted backwards compatibility? We will know sooner or later. It does not look like that a SVN external will be thrown on them.

Related ticket is: #10654, Twenty Ten Ticket is #9015.

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3 Responses to Themes gone.

  1. Joseph Scott says:

    They had initially been imported as ‘WordPress Classic’ and ‘WordPress Default’, then changed to just ‘Classic’ and ‘Default’ after further discussion. It was my mistake that the ‘WordPress Classic’ and ‘WordPress Default’ items didn’t get properly deleted.

    • hakre says:

      Thanks for the info – I’ve updated the post accordingly. I thought it was something like that but it’s good to know now. I’ve just closed the related ticket as well, please check if there is something left to do I was not aware of.

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