Was there a security Issue or wasn’t there for that what many wordpress users have been recently experienced in the beginning of April? Google is still full of in that way hacked wordpress sites.

Whatever it was, Matt was very matty to make an overly bold point that it was not a wordpress issue. I can cheat here and say: Shouldn’t we help instead of working against each other? What’s the problem here with actually having security issues in wordpress based site if it’s a mass phenomena? No-one had actually blamed wordpress for this, but Matt’s post is biased to this in a way that you become the feeling it’s a personal thing for him. Security in wordpress. Hmm.

Really amusing is the point about the wordpress letter-casing BTW. I mean can’t you understand that people think those are two words in one name, because both have an uppercase first letter? Like Word Press? But that only as side-note.

What’s left? Someone who wanted to help customers and some wordpress users who still do not have a clue why their site got hacked and how they can resolve this.

Instead of such, I’d like to see a bit more working together. I mean what’s the problem when many wordpress users are facing a security issue to alert them with the product name? Even if it’s not written in the way, the Chief Of Marketing wants persons it to be written. What’s really the deal here, folks?

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2 Responses to Bubbles

  1. Ben Cook says:

    Actually, Matt’s post seemed to be addressing the Network Solutions hack issue, NOT the pharma hack issue on WPblogger. As far as I know, the pharma hack vulnerability is still unknown, although Chris Pearson has posted about how to repair it. Also, it’s hit a wide array of hosts, themes, etc.

    Disclosure: I’m a Network Solutions employee but this comment is my own.

    • hakre says:

      Well actually I was not able to technically verify if that are two issues or not – I must admit.

      I wanted therefore to sort of address to both with my post: If this is not about working together, we will never quickly find out about those vulnerabilities. So even security can be a communication issue and I think the communication can be improved.

      P.S. Thanks for giving this some traction, be it private or professionally. I do not mind.

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