Classic and Default Theme for WordPress 3.0

Some days ago I wrote about that Classic and Default themes have disappeared for wordpress 3.0. This might me a pitty for you if you use a theme that extends the one or other of those. You won’t get any more update for those from wordpress trunk. So what are the options?

  1. Use the version from the new theme svn
  2. Use the 2.9 branch version
  3. Take the download version
  4. Create your own copy

I would prefer the first variant because it ensures that you at least stay up-to-date together with others. For the 2.9 branch it will stick with 2.9 which ain’t very usefull. The last two points might be the only option if you’re not using any SVN. It means you need to take care on your own, especially for the very last.

So for the first variant you can create externals in SVN, both themes are under version control in the theme’s SVN:


The related ticket still is: #10654. Thanks to Viper007Bond for pointing those out. An overview of all made themes is online as well.

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