Guessing how WordPress works #736: Hotfix via HTTP-Reflection

Is redirect_canonical() the hotfix for wp->query()? Two are candidates for a refactoring anyway.

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2 Responses to Guessing how WordPress works #736: Hotfix via HTTP-Reflection

  1. uwiuw says:

    why do you think $wp_query need re-factoring ? is it because this global variable become too powerful and control too many segment of wp engine ?

    • hakre says:

      Well in my eyes it looks like the function is the opportunity to write down how something should work w/o a concept of what exactly should be done.

      Over the years that led to complexity (that’s totally normal). So when you look for stuff to be re-factored (simplified, better structured), you take a look for complex functions first. Because it might be the case that those things have a lot of potential to be made less complex.

      WP::query() is one of the most complex functions in wordpress.

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