WordPress 3.0 Release Schedule Changes

Please take note of this Report as well: WordPress 3.0 released (June 17).

The last wordpress 3.0 planned release date for May 1st has been postponed again according to the official development schedule. Wording changed from release to first RC. The next written release date is now May 15th, but that date has already been flagged with a question mark. It is likely to show that this date is highly vague, which leads to the assumption that practically there is no concrete release date planned for WordPress 3.0 right now.

Please take note of this Report as well: WordPress 3.0 to be shipped early next Week (June 12).

The project currently faces a lot of issues related to the merge of two code-bases that had the same root but were developed in parallel over the last years: WordPress and its fork WordPress MU. MU didn’t get much love and many security fixes needed to be backported from WordPress to MU. In the end MU was way behind. In May 2009 Matt Mullenweg announced that he wanted to see WordPress merging with the years-ago-fork. He is founder of Automattic Inc., the company that publishes WordPress.com which uses MU.

That merge started in the beginning of January by committing MU code into WordPress. This on its own is one of the largest changes for a new release in the history of the open source project.

The launch of the third point release was originally planned for April 13 2010, but has been postponed the first time on feature freeze 1st of March.

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7 Responses to WordPress 3.0 Release Schedule Changes

  1. Man this is killing me to have to wait 🙂 I’m running beta and it’s really nice. I’m interested in new content types and the tutorials should start flowing after launch. I’ve read some tuts but they are still pretty vague.

    Thanks for posting the new date!

  2. What’s up, Hakre?

    Thanks for this update. Like John said, this is killing me!

    I set up a new blog on WordPress.com earlier this week, and was thrilled to find the Twenty Ten theme.

    Quickly realizing that I was missing out on major plugins though, I switched to WordPress.org. And immediately found that my beloved Twenty Ten theme was nowhere to be found!

    Alas! I’m hoping to launch my blog today… so now I’m looking for a Twenty Ten theme substitute.

    Someone clued me into Kirby, so I’m going to try that.

    BTW, I really like YOUR theme. Is it Twenty Ten?
    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how’d you set up that great site footer?


    • hakre says:

      Yup, this theme here is twenty ten and I provided an own header and background image. The footer is one with widgets. If you want the twenty ten theme with wordpress org I dunno wether or not it runs out of the box with WP 2.9.2. I once suggested to make it backwards compatible. Should be possible.

      But, if you want twenty ten, you can grab the wordpress 3.0 beta. You can download a so called nightly build it here:


      Keep in mind that this is beta quality software.

      • mikey says:

        I’m trying to make Twenty Ten work with 2.9.2 (wordpress.org through a dedicated URL), and haven’t had much luck. Getting some error messages…

        • hakre says:

          Keep in mind that TwentyTen makes use of new 3.0 funtionality (like some template tags). You must go through each error and fix it. I suggest you make that a public project and put it in the official theme repository on wordpress.org because I can imagine that there is interest by others as well and you can work together on the theme with SVN.

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