Living With Legacy Code by Rowan Merewood

Rowan Merewood uploaded slides from his PHP Benelux ‘10 Presentation “Living With Legacy Code”.

Living with legacy code by Rowan Merewood (Presentation on Slideshare)

Legacy code is a hard to handle topic, that’s why normally we as developers would like to walk around that. Interestingly Rowan Merewood propses the following toolchain in his presentation (inkl. a usage cheatsheet per programm):

Just heard a great presentation by Rowan Merewood (@rowan_m) about legacy code. After this I think there are 2 things we should remember:

  • Split it up: don’t try to do in all the same thing. Splitting it up in smaller parts will make you able to set goals and make sure you are not loosing a lot of time.
  • Make it better, not the best: in some cases of rewriting legacy code its better to wrap better code around it.

(Review by a visitor, Source)

A stream of feedback to the presentation is available on Joind.

Next to that his presentation offer some soft-skills and naturally the testing topic.

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