WordPress 3.0 Beta Test on wordpress.com [UPDATED]

According to the last weeks developer chat, some tests of WordPress 3.0 have been run on a subset of sites on wordpress.com (and still ongoing). A number of plugins and themes were run on WP-3.0 as well. Tests were run on sites of some Automattic customers as well (VIP in o-matic-sprak). The results of those are flowing back in the current beta test period feedback into the wordpress bugtracker.

So, 3.0 is live on a subset of wordpress.com servers. We fixed a bunch of bugs in the process, all of which are now in WP trunk.
From a big site standpoint, 3.0 has firmed up quite well.
Our VIPs tested their plugins and themes against it and discovered a few bugs which are now fixed in WP trunk.
So, my warm fuzzy factor about 3.0 is up several notches.

Ryan Boren (rboren) on 2010-04-22 in wordpress-dev (excerpts taken from IRC chatlogs)

I dunno wether or not my hakre.wordpress.com subdomain is part of the test as well, but I saw changes in the UI and some parts of the site are currently broken. But no idea if that is related to the beta-test or just standard procedure. A sign that wordpress 3.0 is running might the UI changes and the possibility to use the Twenty Ten theme already on wordpress.com. At least I in my blog could use it. That new Theme is using a lot of new wordpress 3.0 features so it needs the propper runtime.

Next to test driving wordpress 3.0 in the wild, improvements of the .org infrastructure were done as well last week. From April 20 to 23, the wordpress servers have moved into the Dallas located datacenter. The .org part of the wordpress project has about ca. 30 servers (mailing lists, svn/trac, pingomatic etc.) and run out of space in the old location according to a report by Barry, Automattic’s administrator.


I’m two days beyond, it’s official since 26th of april that all blogs of wordpress.com is now a beta test for wordpress 3.0. 11 Million sites, I guess that this is not the usual Multisite-Setup built-in. (Thanks Joseph Scott for the hint)

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5 Responses to WordPress 3.0 Beta Test on wordpress.com [UPDATED]

  1. Joseph Scott says:

    Please pass on any reports of breakage to WordPress.com support – http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

    As Matt already mentioned – http://ma.tt/2010/04/twenty-ten-starting/ – all of WordPress.com is now running on the WP3.0 code base.

    • hakre says:

      My Problem now solved after logging off and on again – the wordpress.com bar on top. Normally I directly report stuff, but not all get fixed :). I’ll update the post for the new infos, thanks!

  2. Nice Blog. Congrats.

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