New Trac Report: {37} Needs Unit Tests [UPDATED]

For the upcomming 3.0 Release there are still some tickets open, but it looks like this is getting closer to release. I just stumbled over a new report, that is listing all with the tag needs-unit-tests. The funny thing about this is, that officially there isn’t any testsuite with wordpress. At least none I’m aware of. So I must wonder where these unit-tests should actually go into and for what they are good for.

Fun Fact: Did you know that it is not possible to run a test-suite against PHP 4? Another fact, to just raise the requirements put. WordPress has never been tested at all with a Testsuite while running on PHP 4.

There existed an unofficial Test-suite: Last time I did give some wordpress related unit tests a test-run, the results were, to say at least, disappointing. Many things did not work out, most of the tests failed. And it hasn’t changed a lot since then:

Progress of the Unit-Tests

Not much traction since Months:

489, Assertions: 2879, Failures: 128, Errors: 54, Skipped: 18. (22. Feb 2010)
489, Assertions: 2919, Failures: 136, Errors: 32, Skipped: 18. (15. May 2010)

The test-suite is not continuously run and the result are not binding. There are no rules when to write a test and what for. There is no documentation about how to deal with testing. It takes ages until actual tests or patches get committed to it – so basically nothing to actually work with while doing development. Some have hope that this gets better, I must admit that right now I do not see resources in the project that practically can/do take care of unit-tests.

Tests once were run each day. So what we have now since some month is definitely a progress backwards. But I’m curious whether core developers tend to change it in the opposite direction or to leave it sinking down deeper. I mean, having a testsuite run every day only to document that a large amount of tests are failing is disappointing.



The testsuite to run requires now PHP 5.3. Wow, now that was a Boost!

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