freshly served: oclHashcat v0.19

The kitty catty on speed (oclHashcat) is there with a new release. oclHashcat uses specialized attacks ported from hashcat (a CPU based variant) that reflects both: GPU and hardware architecture (the way how specialized chipsets are integrated into the personal computer). Done that “kitty style”, it excells in pretty much the best benchmarks (if not all!) for this class of programme.

Just with it’s very new version – to show you the picture – there are important changes and (I bet you’re after those:) speed improvements. But first a new record: Fastest MD4/NTLM single-hash cracking world record on ATI 5xxxx. You only get the best bang for the buck with oclHashcat you can say ;). But that’s not all:

New Feature: Change the kernel-workload on GPU while cracking – You can press [+] and [-] while cracking to change priority of computer use. *geez!* that’s soooo practical. and no other tools has that! n1!

New Hashmodes: -m 1 (joomla), -m 2 (oscommerce) and SHA1 – Just crack those apps now on GPU instead of CPU.

For the speed improvements, I copy and paste what’s announced. I think the numbers speak on their own:

ATI HD5770x2, Win7 64bit
MD5/1 hash: 1270.70M/s -> 2494.54M/s
MD5/2 hash: 1270.55M/s -> 1500.64M/s
NTLM/1 hash: 1108.28M/s -> 3435.07M/s
NTLM/2 hash: 1100.51M/s -> 1259.38M/s

NV GTX285 (oc), Win7 64bit
MySQL/1 hash: 1940.00M/s -> 2784.00M/s
MySQL/2 hash: 1940.00M/s -> 1931.00M/s

NV 8800GT, Ubuntu 9.10 64bit
VBULL/1 hash: 107.48M/s -> 122.37M/s
VBULL/2 hash: 107.04M/s -> 122.22M/s

Hashmodes: MD5, md5($pass.$salt), md5($salt.$pass), md5(md5($pass)), md5(md5($pass).$salt), SHA1, MySQL, MD4, NTLM.

Tested OS: Windows XP 32bit, Windows XP 64bit, Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit, Debian Lenny 32bit, Ubuntu 9.02 64bit, Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.

Tested GPU: 8500gt, 8700mgt, 8800gt, 8800gts, 9600gt, 9800gt, gt240, gtx260, gtx280, gtx285, gtx295, gtx480, hd4850, hd4870, hd5770, hd5870, hd5970

Grab your own copy, it’s freeware you can download for personal use. Just google for oclHashcat or follow the white rabbit.

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1 Response to freshly served: oclHashcat v0.19

  1. Sam says:

    OclHashCat is incredibly fast! I’ve been running it on a box with two ATI 5870’s and it is able to complete jobs in minutes that used to take overnight.

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