What happened to the “Thank a plugin developer day”?

In January 2009 Matt Mullenweg was somehow overwhelmed because the 4 000th plugin was in the wordpress plugin repository. He was in such a good mood that he announced January 28 to be the official “Thank a Plugin Developer Day”.

Nice move, but … what actually happened to that day? And is it wise to take every of Matt’s announcement for granted? It’s one thing to push a little reminder to users about thanking their plugin coders of which many do provide their services without asking for a single dollar, yen or euro. But it’s something else to establish such a day.

It looks like that this year Matt is not lucky about plugins any longer. The archives in the official wordpress blog for Januar 2010 are empty regarding the celebration. I’m not the only one who is wondering, over there at weblog tools collection, Scott Ellis announced March 1st as WordPress Plugin Developer Day – even he as WP insider was in the miss of the date.

Before yourself gets lost in this: Just thank your plugin developer any day you feel that’s sweet. Shot him or her an email, if you can spare a dollar or two – why not, get her some books or just ask what would be pleasing for him / her. Or flowers? Or Diamonds? Or invite them to your cities next PHP Usergroup, Wordcamp or whatever meetup. And next year, there is another chance for either January 28 or March 1st or name your own date here. Believe me, it just feels great 😉 .

Hastag: #wppdd

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4 Responses to What happened to the “Thank a plugin developer day”?

  1. Scott Ellis says:

    Thanks for Mentioning the effort for Plugin Developer Day. With all of the things Matt (and Automattic) have to manage I wouldn’t be to hard on them! Given the benefits that the community derives from the vast array of plugins this is something best left in the hands of the community, so hopefully among our posts we can keep people thinking about it and each year the movement will get a little bigger and a few more people will join in.

    Of course there is no reason to wait for March 1st to make a donation (I’d encourage you not to wait) but I think the 3/1 date is a great way to encourage people to have a target (and a reminder) and for the rest of us to keep it on the radar during the remainder of the year around. I’ve been impressed and pleased with the number of people that keep following up on #wppdd through various posts like this one. (Now I’m counting on all of you not to let me get distracted when next year rolls around!).

    • hakre says:

      Well I didn’t want to say that this is all going over Matt’s head. I just wanted to write about what happened last year and how things turned out this year – the short live-span of that “official” day. Which I think is a pity because plugins are enormous important to the project.

      But I’m totally with you, that more consequential than (or by) criticizing is to get the message out that those who use plugins think about those who have created them – in whatever form of showing support. I mean not all (if not most) plugin authors do not get paid for sharing their work. Isn’t it always nice to give something back?

      And thanks for pointing to the twitter hashtag #wppdd, I’ll update the post accordingly.

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