Zendpress is WordPress built with Zend Framework – If I understood that right, the basic Idea is to have a core blogging application running on top of the Zend Framework (so you’ve got MVC, Models, Controllers, Views, a supercool Form Manager – I would love to see that backend!) while it should be compatible with WordPress Themes and hopefully plugins. For the later I think this won’t work out that well in the end.

It’s that new that you even can not find any code in there.

ZendPress Homepage; Zendpress Project on Google Code.

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  2. Yeah, I, too, stumbled across the Zendpress site – actually, I had planned to grab the domain name and then donate it to the community to develop the app.

    I agree with you that the latter idea – use existing WP themes and plugins – will almost certainly never work. But if you could just replicate the back-end user experience – complete with its own ZP themes and plugins and rest of the familiar WP admin – then I think ZP would be a real winner.

    Sure wish I had the time (and the ability!) to take it on myself.

  3. yes i have read somebody mention this in stackoverflow. i have download it and have similar opinion. It will hard to make it compatible with wordpress pluggin and its extensive function and class.

    An attempt to build layer between will be an enormous work. Maybe some historical event such as b2/cafelog change it license and make people who use it try to make some kind of forking magic. Then, Zendpress will have all the need resource : developer, tester, etc.

    • hakre says:

      Introducting a layer between is infact some sort of work. Maybe there is a way to do this very lightly, so it won’t be too much work. But writing a full abstraction / layer is something really hard. Maybe something with Annotations or so.

      For the licensing issue you write about I must admit that I do not understand fully what you mean. Are there parts in b2/cafelog (isn’t that WP today?) that were released under a restrictive license?

      • what i meant is about the historical bad-movement of changing Movable Type license and forking of b2/cafelog. It help the popularity of wordpress as project to help thing still free.

        sorry, i have English grammar problem 😉

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