PHP Turns 15!

Congrats. 15 Years of PHP. On 8th of June 1995 the whole “mess” started as “Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)” and turned the internet into a crowd of developers 😀 – Pretty promising!

Seriously, it’s impressive how this turned out over the years and at least PHP helped a lot that nearly everybody can develop web-applications today (well pretty much everybody :D). Thank you all of the PHP Team!

List of felicitators

I like crazy projects and this one is for today: Collecting all posts I can find from around the PHP-Sphere about the birthday (I had hoped I’ll be able to collect at least 15, but no luck so far):

  1. EN: Johannes Schlüter (15 years of PHP)
  2. EN: Sebastian Bergmann (PHPUnit 3.5 Beta 1 released as present)
  3. EN: Chris Cornutt / (Community News: PHP Turns 15!)
  4. EN: The H Open Source (15 years of PHP)
  5. EN: srlinuxx / (15 years of PHP)
  6. EN: Craig Buckler / sitepoint (PHP is Fifteen Today!)
  7. EN: Runeher / xoops Module Developer (PHP is 15 Years)
  8. EN: tek (Happy Birthday PHP)
  9. DE: PHP Gangsta (15 Jahre PHP: Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!)
  10. DE: PHP hates me (Happy Birthday! PHP wird 15 Jahre)
  11. DE: Björn Schotte / PHPMagazin (Happy Birthday: 15 Jahre PHP) (auch für Heise)
  12. DE: Mark Kronsbein (Gewinnspiel zum 15. PHP-Geburtstag)
  13. DE: Benjamin Wöhrl (15 Jahre PHP – Wir gratulieren zum Geburtstag)
  14. DE: Falko Benthin (15 Jahre PHP)
  15. DE: mcliquid (Programmiersprache PHP wird 15 Jahre alt)
  16. DE: Berni (15 Jahre PHP)
  17. DE: php-journal (PHP ist 15 Jahre alt)

Backlog: Reddit

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