WordPress 3.0 Release to be shipped early next Week

According to Release Manager Jane Wells from Automattic, Inc – the privately owned company behind the investments in the end-users-popular blogging software – WordPress is quite close to release. As said by her on friday, the final launch of 3.0 is anticipated early next week.

Please take note of this Report as well: WordPress 3.0 released (June 17).

The release process of the software’s latest version that was offensively marketed as a CMS over the last year has been concerted by managing and scheduling problems. Beta-Phase and Feature Freeze were postponed multiple times so that planned changes which were more problematic to handle than expected could still make it in. Finally the now third and as “hopefully last” entitled Release Candidate is available since yesterday.

Regarding those problems and despite earlier dates given which needed to be postponed, with this new information and more signs from other employees and insiders, it looks somehow safe to finally expect the release within the week of 14th to 20th June 2010. Historically the company tends to release the community version at the beginning of the week. Originally this release was planned for April 13 2010. Plugin Authors are now called for testing their add-ons for 3.0 compatibility.

WordPress 3.0 is the first version that incorporates the MU Fork back-again into its codebase. It enables site owners to run multiple blogs at once in a so called “Network Setup”. This is important for SaaS Blog providers like WordPress.com (already runs on 3.0) but can be as well for sites like page.ly or GetShopped as well as for publishers (e.g. New York Times or B5Media) who are running a blogging-platform. It is said, that the re-integration of the MU codebase is a cornerstone in Automattics strategy. The companies business itself is backed up by a second round of VC fundings through True Ventures back in January 2008.

After the launch of the 3.0 version, the project wants to concentrate on the redesign of the wordpress.org website. Wells said, that users complain about the on-site-information and are having problems to locate official statements. Next to programming difficulties Automattic is currently lacking of a same-level sort-of-face-to-face communication with a larger share of the dot-org part of the community.

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15 Responses to WordPress 3.0 Release to be shipped early next Week

  1. inibukansaya.sungguh says:

    ;D yes, wordpress 3.0 will be released. after the last delay, i though it will need longer time. i hope the new version have a better user interface as drupal’s got with their note system.

    About wordpress dot org, i agree with you. i think the documentation part is not as fast as the progress of wordpress release. sometimes it’s faster for me to found certain information in it source code then reading from them, especially part where wordpress don’t expect ordinary user to know…i always believe the most suitable developer who use wp is those who love to code a template-way such as theme rather then those php-hardcore developer.

    btw, this is a good news

    • hakre says:

      I’m much with you, regarding the documentation I always suggest to look-up stuff directly in the code because things change too fast and are not bound to any specification that would make documentation next to the one written in code useful. I must admit I have never really understood why there is a function reference in codex, when there is API documentation available. These things need to get better connected with each other with focus on sourcecode documentation. Otherwise it is an always-loosing-game.

    • hakre says:

      Regarding the good news: Sure it is. WP 3.0 might not be the best release in the projects release history, but it’s one of the most important ones. W/O the merge this would have not gone any further and I’m pleased to see it finally in.

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  5. mtekk says:

    So are they doing another, evening launch this time, or have we moved past the “early Next week” time frame 🙂

    -John Havlik

    • mtekk says:

      Also, have you had a chance to play with custom post types yet? I can’t seem to get hierarchical types to work correctly (permalinks don’t work right for anything more than one level deep). You can email me the response to this one if you wish.

      -John Havlik

      • hakre says:

        I would need to check that out first, but maybe Scribu’s Category Walker example might be of help. My approach would be to look for an SPL implementation on that to decouple more from base WP API because it’s somehow fragile.

        • inibukansaya.sungguh says:

          wow, i try to make hierarchical taxonomy to work as non- hierarchical but failed. thnak you for the link

        • mtekk says:

          I have a feeling that the hierarchical post types fancy permalinks are broken in the core, in the same way that the custom taxonomies that are hierarchical are broken (At least they seamed to be when I wrote the code supporting them in Breadcrumb NavXT). That means either I’m doing something wrong (could be the case as no one seems to be using hierarchical custom taxonomies or post types), or it is an actual bug, hence the question if you had played around with it or not :).

          -John Havlik

          • hakre says:

            Well I must admit that I can not say if something is broken or not, because there is not specification of whats-o-ever would be working so to compare against to say it’s broken. I wish I could have done a review on breadcrumb NavXT and that on trunk but I was not able to do.

    • hakre says:

      Good question ;). I mean “early Next week” works every week, right? But fun aside, I’ll take it like Jeffro from the tavern said: If they do not get it out this week, then I assume till the end of the month.

    • hakre says:

      Looks like we’re in “schedule”, just a little update:

      Josemi (regarding RC3): And for when the final release?
      Jane Wells: Very soon. (10:21 am on June 17, 2010)


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