Links 2010-07-19

My blog did not had a links-post so far. This is what I collected so far, hopefully there is something interesting for you. Other blogs do that somehow better than me:

Coding: Programming Jargon Gems

Coding: The accountability problem – Concluded

Webdesign: The Great WebKit Comparison Table

Tool: LESS – The Data Web for Humans — Integrate Linked Data into your website, blog, wiki …

Tools: Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps

Webdesign: Admin (X/HT)ML Quiz

Coding: Five common PHP design patterns

Howto: Building XQuery-powered applications with PHP and Zorba

Graphics: They killed the Failwhale

Learning: The Law of Leaky Abstractions

PHP Tool: RIPS – A static source code analyser for vulnerabilities in PHP scripts

Coding: What are Code Smells? What is the best way to correct them?

Webdesign: Validator 2.0

PHP Tool: PHP Microbenchmarking (Ning)

wordpress: Secunia Vulnerability Report: WordPress 2.x

wordpress fun: Shortcut Automata

wordpress: WordPress security monitoring and diagnosis

wordpress fun: Installing WordPress on SQL Server

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