wordpress HTTP and header related tickets

I’ve done some massive HTTP stuff lately which included a full re-read of some (all?) HTTP releated RFCs – some of them I first studied years ago. It’s not that simple as it was back those years, but it’s good to reconsider the standards.

Driven by some passion I’ve done peek and poke over diverse code-bases as well as on wordpress. Interestingly it turns out, even with a stable internet standard specification (at least somehow stable), most developers tend to not care about it (properly). I know there is a difference between getting something on the run to the run and to write a proper implementation. Every tool for it’s need. But if some of you are in the mood for some quality control I suggest to create / apply a HTTP compability testsuite on the wordpress application. My findings are somehow by accident and already revealed multiple points of interest.

Some HTTP/Header related Tickets lately:


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