Better HTTP Redirects 1.0 released

I just have released a new wordpress plugin called Better HTTP redirects. Well I know the name is not very creative and having “better” in a title does not make it even better. The plugin aims to add more HTTP conformance to redirects wordpress is doing.

The first version addresses the problem that redirects by wordpress do not return any hypertext. So if a Useragent (Browser) does not automatically follow redirect headers, the user sees a blank page. Not very nice. Since there is no need according to the HTTP specification that redirects are done automatically, a hypertext fragment should be provided.

I’ve made some screenshots to demonstrate the plugin in action. Most of your blogs visitors won’t notice that, but it can be useful for robots, people with disabilities and user that are concerned about security and interoperability (or for testing/debugging purposes as well).

The grey bar on top of the redirect pages is not part of this plugin. It’s from Firefox Add-On called noredirect which I had used to make redirects visible (I use a modified version).

Related Ticket: #13909 HTTP redirect should return a hypertext fragment

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