WordPress Bugrate Stats Reprise

Dan Cole has some kind of update to my WordPress Bugrate Post I’ve created in January. I was not aware of this otherwise I would have blogged about this earlier: Already in April this year he published a series of updates on his site.

The graph shows the same trend: The number of open tickets increases steadily over time.

His interpretation is that new tickets come in waves after each version.

That made me think about it again and I’m opposing this a bit with my current conclusion: I think the trend you can see in these graphs is that before a release tickets get closed in larger volumes but the opening of new tickets is continuously. The effect in the end is pretty the same: Steady growth of open tickets. So this is more or less a distinctive detail only.

To summarize: Open tickets are constantly growing in trac and we have a massive amount of them.

Everybody needs to decide on his or her own if it is good or bad to have more tickets then the the project is able to handle. The current changes to the workflow in trac were long overdue. And I hope they are not only related to the proposed development pause last week but for an overall improvement of the situation.

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