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WordPress Outage Feedback

WP.COM was down the second time this year at the end of last week. Well that’s certainly not a news any longer and good so, the dust of buzz has lowered a bit. What’s interesting about the outage for me … Continue reading

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Did you know that HTML5 extends from XHTML as well? I did not, it was Anne who made me curious. The quiz (see on the right) is still open.

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WordPress 3.0 Release to be shipped early next Week

According to Release Manager Jane Wells from Automattic, Inc – the privately owned company behind the investments in the end-users-popular blogging software – WordPress is quite close to release. As said by her on friday, the final launch of 3.0 … Continue reading

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Synergy Plus

It’s out there, a bug-fixing fork for good old synergy called synergy plus. If they finish what they aim for, there will be some nice new features added in the end.

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Supporting Free Software while surfing

Are you or your friends using Amazon from time to time to buy something? And do you feel in the mood to support the Free Software Foundation? And are you using Firefox or it’s GNU-Pendant Icecat or weasel? If you … Continue reading

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WordPress as a business PHP 4 Example

WordPress has just been named as a good Example for backwards oriented coding practices when “updating legacy code to PHP5 may be difficult or offer no business benefits”[1]. As it’s always to choose the best tool for the job this … Continue reading

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PHP Turns 15!

Congrats. 15 Years of PHP. On 8th of June 1995 the whole “mess” started as “Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)” and turned the internet into a crowd of developers 😀 – Pretty promising!

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New WordPress Answers Site

As a programmer you might already know of the great Stackexchange Q&A Software that is powering the popular Stackoverflow (SO) Page but also the Webdesign Q&A Page doctype (DT) for example. If you’re doing WordPress Support, Administration or even Programming … Continue reading

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The Lyceum Project

Even though it’s officially shutting down (these days) I find it noteworthy. This was a wordpress fork that was not that well known to me and since now the MU fork went back into the main project, the differences between … Continue reading

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Meet Symphony

Symphony is a web-based content management system (CMS) that enables users to create and manage websites and web applications of all shapes and sizes—from the simplest of blogs to bustling news sites and feature-packed social networks.

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ByeBye Facebook, hellösi Gink

Social Networks are popping out of the ground like mushrooms when the sun comes out after a hard rain these days, but clearly there is one worth to spread the word:

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wordpress File Headers

Yesterday I’ve spend some of my brains electrons on file headers which, next to a new ticket (#13699), led to some documentation in codex.

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Prevent XSS on your wordpress Blog with CSP

CSP – short for Content Security Policy – is a Mozilla driven specification to reduce or eliminate a site’s XSS attack surface. In Ticket #10237 Denis De Bernardy suggested to implement the new Mozilla feature to prevent XSS. That was … Continue reading

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