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Parsing CSV files with PHP – SPL-Style

There are some CSV (Comma Separated Values) related string and file functions in PHP. But when it comes to deal with CSV files, there is another gem: SplFileObject (PHP Manual) built-in. The class makes it even more easy to iterate … Continue reading

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Normalize URLs 1.0 released

My latest plugin release fixes multiple core wordpress problems to handle HTTP requests properly at once: Normalize URLs. It does so by normalizing every incoming URL to a form that is to be expected by the wordpress core. That way, … Continue reading

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Number of the day: 184 million

184 million gallons of oil are assumed to be spilled into the gulf of mexico lately. One drop of oil poisons about 300 liter of water. Update: About 4.9 million barrels (205.8 million gallons) [Flow Rate Technical Group]

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Redirect Loop Protection for Better HTTP Redirects Plugin

Some wordpress user were concerned about Google webmaster tools giving notice about redirect errors (same page redirects). There is a flaw in the current canonical redirect implementation. That is the part of wordpress that takes care that all your site’s … Continue reading

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Just wondered what props stand for literally that can be seen in the one or other wordpress commit message: Slang; short for proper dues (source). More examples in the urban dictionary.

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WordPress drops PHP 4 in Q1 2011

Introduced under a smaller flag of taking care for testing, a new direction slipped into wordpress developement: To drop PHP 4 and switch over to PHP 5.2 as a minimum requirement for wordpress. Opinion leader Andrew Nacin made the igniting … Continue reading

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MattPress Egomania

It is somehow a pity to see how self-focused the wordpress project (in person: Matt Mullenweg) currently is. For example, on, if you write the name “Wordpress” into an article it will be displayed as “WordPress”. That’s no joke, … Continue reading

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Resource Expert Droid – Analyze HTTP Requests

The Resource Expert Droid – or Redbot in short, is an online tool to analyze HTTP requests. It provides decent information about response headers and the request headers can be configured as well (javascript required).

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