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WasHTML PHP Library

Noting this down for future reference: WasHTML is a PHP script that allow only safe HTML for web-applications that have to display unsafe data. It washes your HTML from dangerous data like javascript, references to unchecked remote files and forms … Continue reading

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Git Rocks!

Period. I’m currently traveling around and be it in a train or airplane or just on a offline remote-site: Git, a decentralized version control system, is like a present I’ve never asked for. It does work de-centralized, which means you … Continue reading

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Serialization of double values in PHP 4 and PHP 5

If you want to save space in your serialized data of floating point numbers in PHP, consider to use PHP 4. Naturally that is a joke :), I just note it down here because while taking a closer look on … Continue reading

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Disable Firefox DNS Cache

I found some quick and easy way (two settings to add in about:config) on how to disable DNS caching in Firefox: If you have tons of Firefox windows with even more tons of tabs open like me and being in … Continue reading

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Display Errors on Production Sites – Today: Adult Swim

Geeeez! The purple pixel robot is talking to me: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in _adultswim_get_term_name() (line 395 of / docrootas20/ sites/ all/ modules/ publicreative/ adultswim/ adultswim.module). (Source) How sweet, this will be my new friend. I’ve just fallen … Continue reading

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Admin Quicksearch Released

Just some update on the Admin Quicksearch Plugin: Inital Release is out. It’s tagged as 0.1-alpha but that’s more because I’m lazy and not because it’s that unstable. It should do the job perfectly already, it’s just, well, grabbed together … Continue reading

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Trademark and Servicemark of Automattic Inc. and WordPress Foundation

I compiled a listing of USTPO Trade- and Servicemark Registrations of both Automattic Inc and the WordPress Foundation. It is sorted by Filling Date, latest on top.

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At Your Fingertips – Just Search Quickly The Long Lists.

Jeffro made a nice post: “Where Are The Settings For That Plugin?” about the problem to locate something in the ever-growing WordPress-Admin-Menu. He is sharing this problem with others. Yeah I know that long menu can somehow suck. So everybody … Continue reading

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WordPress Trademark passed over to Foundation – Again?, or better Automattic Inc, the company that had registered the term “WordPress” as a trademark back in 2007 after it has been used by the free software project with the same name and it’s numerous contributors for several years, … Continue reading

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Patrick Swayze died one year ago

Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (1987) Awards: 1991 People’s Sexiest Man Alive Preceded by: Tom Cruise Succeeded by: Nick Nolte LIFE – Remembering Patrick Swayze

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Indirect Modification of Overloaded Element of … Has No Effect

I just ran into that one yesterday by playing around doing some runtime analysis. I started some XDebug-Like output for Hooks and it looks pretty well so far. Now I’d like to know where Hook’s Callbacks were registered prior to … Continue reading

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Rasums Lerdorf on PHP Performance – Focus on WordPress.

Rasums Lerdorf, birth giving father of PHP, had a presentation back in July this year at the Digg office on PHP performance optimization in San Francisco. The slides “PHP Performance – Hacker Dojo” (29 July 2010) are available online. Next … Continue reading

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Relicensing of IXR – The Incutio XML-RPC Library (Day 15)

The Incutio XML-RPC Library, used by WordPress, is available in a new version. It is relicensed under the GPL-compatible New BSD License now. The License of the file in wordpress has been questioned in the recent WordPress GPL, licensing and … Continue reading

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WordPress Licensing Issues – NOOP (Day 8)

Day eight was mainly reflecting and running loops. I had a long and great discussion with friends in the evening not only about licensing in wordpress but in other free software projects as well that was very insightful. That poses … Continue reading

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WordPress Licensing Issues – Summary (Week 1)

The last days were very informative, I’m learning a lot about licensing. That’s not only in general but more important from a free software perspective in specific. All those how to get things right. WordPress might look a bit as … Continue reading

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