Rasums Lerdorf on PHP Performance – Focus on WordPress.

Rasums Lerdorf, birth giving father of PHP, had a presentation back in July this year at the Digg office on PHP performance optimization in San Francisco.

The slides “PHP Performance – Hacker Dojo” (29 July 2010) are available online. Next to that the full presentation is available as video on Vimeo.

After a quick overview of some of the new features in PHP 5.3, he gives us a detailed and practical look into PHP performance pitfalls. He walks us step by step through the tools and techniques to optimize an application, showing us some remarkable improvements in the performance and throughput of WordPress installation.

(Summary by Digg Development on Vimeo)

Whats especially interesting in this Presentation for me is the fact that Rasmus picked WordPress as an example application. So next to learning about the more general and PHP related advices about Performance, it offers some interesting information about WordPress in specific.

“We’re spending 99%+ of our time fiddling with the Database Results and making it look pretty”

(00:31:42; While reading callgrind output of WordPress)

Something I did not expect. It’s always a good Idea to measure instead of guess – I guess 🙂

The wordpress hphp related changes are located here: http://progphp.com/wp/. This contains some fixes for wordpress as well.

Via: Rasmus Lerdorf on PHP Performance / WordPress Tavern

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