Git Rocks!

Period. I’m currently traveling around and be it in a train or airplane or just on a offline remote-site: Git, a decentralized version control system, is like a present I’ve never asked for.

It does work de-centralized, which means you can use it offline. It is freaking fast. You have a local repository running you can do your own version control for your changes. This is just great to keep the code clean and the development steady on. You want to experiment on something new w/o fearing to destroy your code? Branch out and when it runs, back in.

What’s left to say? Get addicted:

My lessons learned so far (started at the weekend): Best you can do is to use it from a linux system. You get all man-pages and documentation installed onto your computer, so you can learn offline as well. Get some stuff you want to play with over there at github. The most basic commands are available on the git homepage (Git Quick Start).

If you like to share your stuff, checkout github. It’s a very nice place to start and you can meet a lot of other developers over there.

To learn git, you must read some notes, man pages or –help output, but it’s somehow just worth to learn. If you know cvs or svn already, it’s even easier. Just check it out. If you think version control, think git next time. It’s just fantastic and from what I’ve read it’s even getting better all the time. And it’s damn fast. You’ll never want to use SVN again.

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5 Responses to Git Rocks!

  1. Git is the best SCM out there, I develop all my WordPress plugins in a git repository on Linux and only use SVN to publish them at WordPress.
    Git can be intimating at first but as you use it more often you wonder how you ever did without.
    Now we just have to wait ’till the WordPress Plugin Repository moves to Git 🙂

    • hakre says:

      The good thing is, that’s somehow irrelevant. There is a SVN synced GIT wordpress repository available at Github: already. It should be possible to make something similar with the plugins repository as well. Maybe I get something set up or dxw is doing as well.

      I do not expect to see the wordpress core project moving to git anytime soon (well that would be too easy, right? A realistic assumption might be in between 9 to 36 months, I asked not long ago and the answer was “no plans”).

      There was a test-drive of it some month ago even by some automattic paid developer, but that one is out of sync since some weeks so just a bad service. There might be constraints with SVN that are heavily wanted :).

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