Disabled Javascript Reminder

A discussion about two weeks ago and messages like this one (see picture) do remind me of the fact that most designers and developers think that users decide about not using javascript for questionable personal motivation only (e.g. Security ).

And they tend to forget that most often they are the cause why users are more and more disabling javascript these days for performance reasons. Browsers just crash because of too many tabs with too many scripts for example. Ever imagined that your site is only a single one out of a quadrillion?

Switched off because it’s misused on that many sites. It’s just that you can not effectively surf any longer with javascript blindly switched on. This will be called the no-script-effect some day probably, so better start to live with it and always provide alternative methods otherwise your site will not be used as intended.

Not to forget that personal motivation in usability is not that questionable as we most often would like to it to be. Scope is hard to define with personal requirements.

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