End of Zend IDE?

PHPStorm has not only pushed the boundaries of PHP IDEs but also kicked Zend-“the PHP company”-‘s “value for money” marketing promise.

So to repeat slowly for those who were not able to note it down: The “premium” model is not exceptional compatible to FLOSS software development. While Zend needed to cut down PDT features like the Code Formatter in the past to make Zend IDE looking more shiny (and degraded the PHP development feeling for many Eclipse Users which still is some party for Netbeans), others like Jetbrains had no problems to overrule them in no time.

But it’s not always the “Big Players”. Small but powerful editors like Geany or (g?vim|x?emac[0-9]{1,2}) with their Add-Ons do a good job everyday while becoming continuously better and better.

Anyway thanks to PTI, Eclipse PDT is still like whiskey on the rocks. Skål!

(Disclaimer: I’m not a PHP Storm user, I know that Mike Schinkel is, so if you need consulting, I’m sure he is glad to help)

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2 Responses to End of Zend IDE?

  1. Frank says:

    I like my Apatana on the linux client and also i use Geany for faster coding.
    I write many source in Open Source and that is also a reason for use a open source tool.

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