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Kses, GPL, Copyright, Licensing and Disclaimer

The current wordpress security release made me look into kses.php today. But my review ended before going over the first 10 lines already. Guess what I ran over? Jup, another wordpress GPL license violation. How did I find it? It … Continue reading

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Too Yellow to Name a Ticket – WordPress Security Bites Itself Again in 3.0.4 (Updated 2x)

WordPress 3.0.4 is out. What?! [UPDATE: The advisory is now online: Persistent XSS vulnerability – wordpress 3.0.3 (kses.php) ] Keep cool. There is an release (all 3.0.2 to 3.0.4 changes), but actually Matt Mullenweg is asking for a security review … Continue reading

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Encode a PHP String

Today I updated PHPMyadmin on one of my boxes. Nothing special so far, but I saw that it’s now possible to export data in form of a PHP array. Well I thought that’s somehow nice. But the plugin was broken. … Continue reading

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Métamorphose: A File and Folder Renamer

If you’re looking for either a first aid or just a file and folder rename tool, don’t look any further. The name you need to look for is Métamorphose.

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WordPress Database Charset and Collation Configuration

Pootzko over at this years new Q&A site for WordPress Administrators and Integrators was wondering why creating database tables via wpdb->query() / SQL didn’t reflect his worpdress collation settings. As it was not obvious for him, I thought about writing … Continue reading

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WordPress, Copyright, Hello Dolly Lyrics, the GNU GPL and I

In the recent discussions about the Hello Dolly lyrics that are shipping with WordPress and in the plugin repository, there has been a lot of fuzz. I think it’s about time that I name why write about the issue: I’d … Continue reading

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Websocket Protocol Vulnerability

Linked: Disabling the WebSocket protocol (by Anne van Kesteren; 08 Dec 2010). This HTML 5 looks to be a scary mess security wise. I hope the browser vendors do their jobs.

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WordPress Licensing Issues – Plugins are GPL, Right?

If you thought that the wordpress package you can download from is re-distributable under GPL, then you’re thinking wrong. Why do I say so? Thanks to a ticket opened by novasource, it came to my attention, that the Hello … Continue reading

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Slow Crawling Fixes

WordPress 3.0.2 went out some days ago. Announced as security release (full 3.0.2 Changelog) for the stable wordpress version. While taking a look into the changelog, I got a little flashback. The most prominent security issue was in fact an … Continue reading

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FSFE updates Blogs to WordPress 3.0

The FSFE blogging platform has been upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1. It was formerly driven by WordPress MU. The blogs are a place where supporters of the Free Software Foundation Europe (the Fellowship) can blog about their work and thoughts. It’s … Continue reading

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