WordPress, Copyright, Hello Dolly Lyrics, the GNU GPL and I

In the recent discussions about the Hello Dolly lyrics that are shipping with WordPress and in the plugin repository, there has been a lot of fuzz.

I think it’s about time that I name why write about the issue:

  1. I’d like to ensure, that WordPress can be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I’m one of the many copyright owners of WordPress that contribute code, ideas and research to the project.
  3. Because I believe in the chances and opportunities of Free Software.

As you can see, there are valuable collective and personal interests that I share with the issue and other members of the community.

But there are different approaches which tend to look irreconcilable as well.

Chip Bennett is fully right. I’m passionate.

But we only get one step further with this matter, if we deal with disagreement.

Happy Holidays

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1 Response to WordPress, Copyright, Hello Dolly Lyrics, the GNU GPL and I

  1. eredos says:

    Brilliant idea and also great for freedom of speech and exposing things that need exposing.

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