Encode a PHP String

Today I updated PHPMyadmin on one of my boxes. Nothing special so far, but I saw that it’s now possible to export data in form of a PHP array. Well I thought that’s somehow nice. But the plugin was broken. Encoding done wrong.

So I jumped in for a fix. The heart of it is to encode a string properly, so to say, replace all control chars and those after x7D. Then ” $ and \ needs to be slash-encoded additionally.

I choose to encounter it with the underrated for-loop language construct:

 * Encode String as PHP Code
 * @param string $s string to encode
 * @return string Double Quoted PHP String value, single lined, US-
 *         ASCII, control chars hex-encoded.
function StringEncode($s) {
        $r = '"',
        $l = strlen($s),
        $i = 0
        $i < $l
        $c = $s[$i++],
        $o = ord($c),
        $b = $o > 31 && $o < 127,
        $b && ($o == 34 || $o == 36 || $o == 92) && $c = '\\'.$c,
        $r.= $b ? $c : '\x'.strtoupper(substr('0'.dechex($o),-2))
    return $r.'"';

I didn’t name the vars properly, so here some translation table: s – string, r – result, l – length, i – iterator, c – char, o – ord, b – bare. Expand names on wish. I’m pretty sure there are many ways to solve the problem, this is just one approach. But please feel free to share your ideas in comments.

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