New Kids on the Blockwart: Matt Mullenweg

Of questionable attitude: According to disclosed information by Ben Hook a.k.a WPBlogger, back in July 2010 Matthew Mullenweg contacted the critics employee and tried to exploit the work relationship to put pressure on him.

In the now published email conversation, Matt confirmed that he accused Ben doing writings bordering hate speech in front of his employee.

Ben Cook denies such a way of writing and accused Matt overreacting to criticism.

Ben Cook waited to publish the information until he stopped working for his now former employee Network Solutions.

Read On: Matt Mullenweg Tried to Get Me Fired (6 Jan 2011; by Ben Cook)

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2 Responses to New Kids on the Blockwart: Matt Mullenweg

  1. mtekk says:

    To be honest, in the two posts in question (original and the recent follow up), it really reads as if Ben Cook is trying to pick a fight. Much of it is in his word choice. While I wouldn’t say it is hate speech, I can see where telling someone to quit their job could cause hurt feeling. IIRC, Matt is no longer the CEO of Automattic, so in some regard “Mission Accomplished” although Ben is calling for all Automattic employees to stop working on WordPress (from one of his tweets).

    • hakre says:

      Well depends if you love your job or not 😉

      From a psychological view I would say you made a very valid point, because for Matthew Charles Mullenweg out of his personal life, being Matt, forking b2/cafelog into WordPress and founding Automattic is just much more than an ordinary job. It’s more or less his life and asking him to resign is actually asking him to “resign from life” on a certain level.

      Him classifying Ben Cooks critic writings as “bordering hate-speech” might be a sign of that. It’s a grave choice of words and contacting someones employee is like playing power games. He felt personally attacked and he was attacking back.

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