Ddccontrol and Fedora 14

I wanted to give Ddccontrol a try under Fedora 14.

It did not fit the job in the end but was a nice practice for me to understand installation of programs of which no package exists. That can be tricky because you need to have everything in the bench to start building. For ddccontrol this is streamlined by configure and make as it’s known for other software as well.

Ddccontrol needed some libraries first that didn’t ship with Fedora 14:

yum install libxml2-devel pciutils-devel gtk2-devel

That made ./configure run without errors. libxml2-devel was interesting because it deals with some misleading configure error message: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool (more details).

After getting rid of all errors, ./configure did pass and I could do make and then as root make install. If done successfully ddccontrol and gddcontrol are available as a command later on.

Anyway, it didn’t work on my end so I needed to uninstall it and learned about that make does handle such as well if you call as root:

make uninstall

Good to know in case you want to get rid of stuff that did not came in a package.

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