Milestones of WordPress: Early Project Timeline (ca. 2000 to 2005)

Know the roots. If you want to learn about the general development of WordPress over time and you haven’t been with the project on from it’s very beginning and before, it looks like you’ve reached the point where it’s time to learn about the history of the codebase.

You are probably like me: Not knowing much of it as this goes back to 2000. So I’ve compiled a timeline of events I could gather. Events of which I think that are good to know about the project’s history. I did focus towards the earlier time mainly and much for 2002 to 2004 as it’s the period I did not know a lot about.

Timeline of WordPress 2000-2005

So here they are: Events and changes of which I think are playing a role in WordPress’s project history. This dates back to 2000/2001 when the base software came to live of which WordPress forked. The precursor of WordPress, the GPL’ed blogging software b2, b2/CafeLog or more precisely CaféLog as the French author named it so back 2002 and probably even 2001.

It was originally published on the website and later on sourceforge.

There are other forks next to WordPress, so this information might be useful in part for users of b2evolution as well.

  1. 2000 and early 2001: Somehow common these days, Michel Valdrighi and others are using diverse php scripts to get a web-journal or web-log running (exemplary Comments PHP artifact).
  2. 2001-06-12: First post on Michel Valdrighi (“michel v”) starts blogging with a software later known as b2/CaféLog. Not publicly released yet, he is making use of his new package of scripts for blogging called b2.

  3. 2002-02-03: Michel Valdrighi, copyright owner of the b2 code, announces the first b2 release under the GNU GPL.
  4. 2002-04-16: Michel Valdrighi registers the CaféLog project on SourceForge, a development web-plattform for free software projects. The b2/cafelog SCM repository is being created.
  5. 2002-07-16: b2 initial revision in the cafelog SCM repository on sourceforge.
  6. 2002-08-12: Release of b2 version 0.6pre4, the first release package on SourceForge (Blog).
  7. 2002-09-15: Version numbers are starting to be tracked in b2-include/b2vars.php (code ref). This principle is continued until today.
  8. 2002-11-04: Release of b2 version 0.6.1 , the last b2 version prior forking WordPress (Blog, code ref).

  9. 2003-03-28: Creation of the domain name. The source code will stay for a longer time on SourceForge. This date will be named later as “First Use in Commerce”.
  10. 2003-04-01: Creation of the wordpress-branch within the cafelog-repository by Matthew Charles Mullenweg (“saxmatt”; code ref).
  11. 2003-04-21: All files from b2 are now populated into the new branch (code ref).
  12. 2003-05-23: Mullenweg removes the b2 copyright notice.
  13. 2003-05-26: The first branch version, WordPress 0.7, is released.
  14. 2003-11-12: “The great renaming” (svn-r601) – b2 is getting removed from file-names.

  15. 2004-04-04: The SourceForge page is now titled “WordPress” instead of CaféLog.
  16. 2004-08-16:, the domain for the spin-off by “Matt” Mullenweg is being registered.
  17. 2004-12-15: The release of WordPress 1.2.2 marks the last release in the CaféLog Project on SourceForge.

  18. 2005-02-14: The WordPress 1.5 release is the first release and marks the migration of the WordPress code repository over to

CaféLog and WordPress Release History

The following table contains all release information I could find regarding releases of the CaféLog project on SourceForge, and on the homepage. The CaféLog project was re-titled WordPress in April 2004. Those releases are listed as well. Most certainly the most complete releases list available online regarding the early releases. Ordered by date, early first. The last entry is the first release that was not part of the SourceForge Project any longer.

Ver Date Package Cat Notes
0.5.1 2001-10-13 b2-v0.5.1-20011013 -/- Blog
0.5.1 (2) 2001-12-06 b2-v0.5.1-20011206 -/- Blog
0.6 pre 2002-01-29 b2-v0.6pre-20020129 -/- Blog
0.6 pre2 2002-04-09 b2-0.6pre2-20020409 -/- Blog +1
0.6 pre3 2002-07-01 b2-0.6pre3-20020701 -/- Blog +3
0.6 pre4 2002-08-12 17:00 b2-0.6pre4-20020813 0.x (b2) Blog +1
0.6 pre5 2002-09-23 b2-0.6pre5 -/- Blog
0.6 2002-09-30 b2-0.6 -/- Blog
0.6.1 2002-11-04 14:17 b2-0.6.1-20021104 0.x (b2) Blog
0.6.1 + ljupdate 0.2 2002-11-05 07:46 b2-0.6.1-20021104
0.x (b2) -/-
0.6.2 2003-05-24 00:00 b2-0.6.2-20030524 0.x (b2) Blog
0.7 2003-05-26 WordPress-Ver-0_7-20030526 WordPress Blog 2003-06-25 00:00 b2- 0.x (b2) -/-
0.71 2003-06-08 22:00 wordpress-071-gold WordPress Blog 2003-10-09 15:00 b2- 0.x (b2) Blog
0.72 2003-10-10 22:00 wordpress-072-gold WordPress Blog
1.0 2004-01-03 wordpress-1.0 WordPress Blog
1.0.1 2004-01-25 03:40 wordpress-1.0.1-miles WordPress Blog
1.0.2 2004-03-11 16:55 wordpress-1.0.2-blakey WordPress Blog
1.2-Mingus 2004-05-22 03:32 wordpress-1.2-mingus WordPress Blog
1.2.1 2004-10-06 12:19 wordpress-1.2.1 WordPress Blog
1.2.2 2004-12-15 wordpress-1.2.2 WordPress Blog
1.5 2005-02-14 wordpress-1.5 WordPress Blog

Domain Listing

For some related domain names, I’ve created a timeline as well for informational purposes:

Domain Created Note 1999-06-22 Related 1999-08-08 Repository/Homepage 2001-09-24 Homepage/Developer 2001-10-20 Homepage/Developer 2002-06-10 Homepage/Developer 2003-03-28 Homepage 2003-11-11 Homepage 2004-03-05 Hoster 2004-06-09 Developer/Company 2004-06-18 Repository/Developer(s)/Company 2004-07-16 Repository 2005-10-11 Product

Sources and References

The timelines are the result of work spread over mutliple days. I digged through a lot of references of which the more important ones I would like to list here, more or less in no specific order, most direct references are part of the timeline itself.

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