Jump CEO of Nokia, jump. But jump alone.

Please jump alone.

Nokias CEO was telling stories about platforms and jump and run or run and jump. Whatever. My question is: How deep do you want to jump? Threatening a large scale of the workforce being fired for letting pass the last CEOs apple and google – well okay, those company names do not share the n and the k and the i and only half of the a and o of nokia – then there is m$ for the rescue. suit. your. self.

I hope I’ll get updates for my symbian based phone for the next six month or so (yeah joking, I hope employees will kick the right one out of the company before remembring last week).

Jump CEO of Nokia, jump. But please jump alone.

(The announcement alone made Nokia loose 10% of share within a day (if not more). I’m pretty sure that guy thinks his influence is more than only a tenth. Go for it!) Read More; Watch On

Read on: In memoriam: Microsoft’s previous strategic mobile partners (2011-02-11; by Horace Dediu)

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