Infographic: WordPress Core Team (Update 2x)

You’ve ever wondered about who is in the core team of WordPress? Last year in Portland Jane Wells was talking about “How WordPress Core Decisions Get Made“.

I compiled some information about the Who is Who of the core team into a nice looking infographic.

About Jane Wells: Works for the WordPress Foundation and employee of Automattic. She describes her role as Community Lead for the WordPress project to which she started to contribute to after doing interfaces/experience related work for years. She is one of the very few females – if not the only one – in a decision-making-position.

1.) Andrew Nacin works for Matt Mullenweg’s investment and research company and not (as I had it in the chart first revision) for Automattic, Inc. 2.) Daryl Koopersmith is a student and not an Automattic employee. Both points have been corrected, thanks for all the feedback so far.

Note: The talk was held in September 2010. Keep that in mind when framing the context. It is based on a view of her which she formulated in a talk but this does not mean that my graphic is her expression. It’s not, this graphic is my own expression, albeit her talk is an important source – as credited. Next to that Jane Wells already announced that there is more to share next to her talk and you can read her in comments below.

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6 Responses to Infographic: WordPress Core Team (Update 2x)

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  2. Jane Wells says:

    Hi there. Since you seem to have put a different skin on a slide I made for WordCamp talk 4 months ago, I would like to point out that the slide was labeled “Circle of Trust,” not “Core Team.” I was talking about the history of the project and how people establish trust as contributors, and this infographic has changed the meaning of my content. As well, Andrew Ozz has been on hiatus since earlier last year, and is not participating as a lead developer at this time. Andrew Nacin is employed as Otto is, not by Automattic.

    I’m also not head of the WordPress Foundation, and have never said that I was. Matt is the director. I just work on some community programs under that umbrella.

    Oh, and it’s WordPress, with a capital P. (dangit) 🙂

    • hakre says:

      This infographic is not meant as a “cheap” copy of somebodies else slide, I prefer to see it as a form of participation of an aspect of your talk (BTW the slides of your talk have never been published and the video is ugly to read).

      So I feel a bit sorry if you thought sort-of so. It was a lot of work for me to create that graphic and I would have been thankful if there had been any sources of which I could have made use of in addition.

  3. Joseph Scott says:

    One note – Andrew Nacin doesn’t work for Automattic.

  4. Andrew Nacin says:

    Hey hakre, keep in mind this was a snapshot in time from September of last year. If re-done today, it would likely look a lot differently. Also, it’s not the ‘core team’ — the slide was titled ‘Circle of Trust’ and was discussed in the context of trusted core contributors. Finally, Daryl would fall under your student list, and as Joseph said, I don’t work for Automattic either.

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