Firefox 4 feels great so far (Updated 1x)

Quicker released then I expected and then I was even courageous to update suit. Some add-ons got deactivated, I hope they come back soon but the overall experience is very nice so far.

Yeah the software has a overall good feeling / touch. I needed to put the reload button back in place because I need to reload websites quite often while designing and coding, so it’s a need. But next to that, just feels nice.

Browsing is quite fast, I think memory footprint a little bit lower but still high. These browsers are monsters today!

I’m going out, playing with the fox a bit 🙂

Mozilla Firefox

Update: Playground is here, grab your copy and have fun.

Read On: Can Anti-DRM Clauses in Content Licenses be Free? (15 May 2006; by Henri Sivonen)

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