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Getting BennuGD on Fedora 13 to run.

I was in the mood for some pixel games and surfing the web. I had a stop by Before We Were Dead by Neotron. They have quite a lot of games based on BennuGD. But on my Fedora 13 system … Continue reading

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The getID3 PHP library can recognise PDFs and a bunch of other file types. In case you don’t have or need more than the PHP build in fileinfo library.

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Roots (WordPress Theme) via Tavern.

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For the log: http-authentication 3.0

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WordPress 3.1.1 is out! (Updated 1x) (sha1: 0b11bbc4f031ba1d22a6451efe1e7b9c5bb4713b; md5: bed9478dc64233ee3f63a2359c805d76) Version is since yesterday even, and the package available for download (see release archive) but the blog of is missing the news. Well trust the terrain, not the map. Happy blogging. Update: now … Continue reading

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Code Smells short and sound. And a Taxonomy for “Bad Code Smells”.

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PHP: Empty() is the Opposite of a Boolean Variable

From the know your language department: It’s already written in the PHP manual, if we could only read it 😉 : empty() is the opposite of (boolean) var, except that no warning is generated when the variable is not set. … Continue reading

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