Getting BennuGD on Fedora 13 to run.

I was in the mood for some pixel games and surfing the web. I had a stop by Before We Were Dead by Neotron.

They have quite a lot of games based on BennuGD.

But on my Fedora 13 system this did not work out of the box. I needed to take care that on the 64bit system the 32bit libraries are installed.

So first of all I modified the installation suggestions for 64bit systems from the BennuGD wiki to install 32bit libraries:

# yum install SDL SDL.i686 SDL_mixer SDL_mixer.i686 libogg libogg.i686 zlib zlib.i686 libpng libpng.i686 libX11 libX11.i686 libXrandr libXrandr.i686 libXext libXext.i686 libXrender libXrender.i686 libgcc.i686

And then downloading and running the suggested .sh script.

This contains all given libraries, but as the output of bgdc suggested, there still was missing a library:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

That library is available with Fedora 13 in the openssl-devel package. I could locate it by running:

# yum provides */

So I installed it as well:

# yum install openssl openssl.i686 openssl-devel.i686

After installing the library needs to be softlinked against the concrete filename:

# cd /usr/lib
# ln -s

After doing so, bgdc did run without any error. The only thing left to run the game was to modify the .sh script by commenting out the configuration of the bgcd runtime that shipped with the downloaded zip package:


# CURDIR=$(dirname 0)
# BENNUDIR=$CURDIR/bgdruntime


bgdc Before.prg
bgdi Before.dcb

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