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Mozilla fails where it does best

Something must have passed QC on the mozilla web team that shouldn’t. Ever tried to download Mozilla Firefox from their homepage with a opera browser that has javascript disabled? You don’t get even a statical link offered that could lead … Continue reading

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List of PHPMD Rulesets

As I use PHPMD from time to time only (but more and more often) I needed to lookup the default ruleset names from the filesystem. As google is faster than a search on the harddrive, here they are for future … Continue reading

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Mjam! git cherry-pick

Each day you didn’t know about how to use git-cherry-pick is half a developer’s day. Kind of my feeling after this week has passed. It allows to take one commit from another branch and add it to the current branch. … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Cone of Uncertainty by Jeff Atwood (via Mike Pearce)

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WordPress Memory Limit fixed in 3.2

It sounds a bit like an irony of fate: Requisite for the upcoming WordPress 3.2 release are improvements in resource usage and maintainability: Speed, Performance, less memory, better tested (WordPress 3.2, the plan: faster, lighter). And this truly is of … Continue reading

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(A)GPL: Why (or why not)? via Neal Poole.

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