List of PHPMD Rulesets

As I use PHPMD from time to time only (but more and more often) I needed to lookup the default ruleset names from the filesystem. As google is faster than a search on the harddrive, here they are for future reference:

  • codesize
  • design
  • naming
  • unusedcode

I personally like the ability to detect unused code and give some general hints. PHP Mess Detector can be easily installed via a pear channel.

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4 Responses to List of PHPMD Rulesets

  1. Gabriel Koen says:

    You just saved me a bunch of time. 🙂

  2. We’re just starting to get used to phpmd (along with phpcs/php_codesniffer). They are both useful tools to write better quality/maintainable PHP code.

  3. chothet says:

    Dear sir, I want to know how to modify threshold value 10 for cyclomatic complexity in code size rule. I want to count decision nodes that are greater than 0 and not greater than 10.

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